Embracing the Light: A Spiritual Journey Through Choices, Darkness, and The Divine

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As I embarked on a journey to understand my vision of black wings, a diamond in the muck, and the integration of both light and dark, I sought answers from the spiritual realm. Through the guidance of a channeler, I received a profound message from Archangel Michael, “The darkness and the light are choices… you can take flight with one or the other. This is a choice we have all made and one you are making now. I encourage you to choose the light, the diamond, and the heavens.”

This message left me pondering: What did darkness represent in this context? Was it evil and sin, ignorance and suffering, or the mystery of the unknown? To unravel the layers of this message, I turned to Gnosticism, an ancient spiritual tradition that provided me with a fresh perspective.

In Gnostic teachings, the divine Sophia, eager to create, forged the imperfect material world without her divine consort, the Source. This act led to the birth of a realm filled with ignorance and suffering. Sophia’s redemption, and the redemption of humanity, lies in awakening the divine sparks within ourselves and the world around us.

The choice of light, as presented by Archangel Michael, could be interpreted as living from our divine selves, rising above the ignorance and suffering that stem from resistance to the duality of existence. This 

journey towards the light requires embracing our true nature, acknowledging both the darkness and the light within us. By recognizing this duality, we can find a balance that allows us to soar into the heavens.

The moral of this spiritual tale is a reminder to always love and embrace the divine, the Source, in every aspect of our lives. By doing so, we can engender our lives with the divine spark and create a world in harmony with the greater cosmic order.

As we navigate the complexities of existence, we are constantly faced with choices between darkness and light. Archangel Michael’s message encourages us to choose the path of the divine, to seek the light within ourselves and the world around us. By doing so, we can overcome ignorance and suffering, transcend duality, and ultimately, unite with the Source in a celestial dance of love and light.